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Marla's Story 

    Marla's story begins with her dad, Ed Ramaekers, who had been fighting COPD for many years and as any disease, a decline was noticed. He couldn’t muster up enough energy to carry out the trash or water the outdoor plants. He would become winded just walking to the bathroom or crawling into bed. Our strong dad that we have always known had become very tired and weak. My siblings and I would take off work to help mom take him to doctor appointments and do odds and ins around the house. Dad often stated how he hated being a “burden” to us.

    One day we were sitting at the VA Hospital for an appointment when dad told me he would like me to check into starting a company that would help seniors with their basic household needs. He said, “all these nurses that come to see me for therapy and vitals are amazing, but I need someone to come in the house to help clean, cook and stay with me, to give mom a break.” I told him that was what us kids were for and that we could help mom out. He said that is fine but, I would rather have you kids just come home to visit and spend quality time with mom and me and let someone else do the work and running to appointments. I went home that night and thought about this.

    The next day, I began researching what state programs were available and what a licensed social worker could start. The Department of Aging and Disability Services had a Personal Assistance Service which I qualified to start. In October of 2011, I became a licensed Personal Assistant Service company in Canyon, Texas and the surrounding area. Even though my dad passed away before I got the company up and running, I feel him involved in my business each and every day. I truly feel my company, all my caregivers and clients have a special angel in heaven watching over them all.

Ed and Leola Ramaekers - My inspiration and motivation behind True Blessings

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