Dressing Seniors

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Dressing Seniors

Along with decreased mobility and incontinence, aging adults may have difficulty dressing themselves. As with other problems associated with aging, many adults do not want to admit they have this problem. They often resist help from others due to embarrassment or even fear.

True Blessings LLC seeks to offer seniors trusted and personalized care throughout every part of the aging process. We can provide dignified care at whatever level is required.

Dressing care can begin as simply as arranging closets to provide coordinating choices. We can help families and seniors choose clothing that they can manage on their own or with minimal assistance. Choice and clothing that match personal style are important when assessing clothing options. Seniors that are experiences mental health issues may become confused when dressing. Providing choices that are pre-matched can help ease the stress of daily dressing.


Privacy remains important as bodies age. Many seniors may only need help with fastening buttons or tying shoes. In those instances, we are happy to assist where appropriate and needed. As dressing needs increase, our trusted caregivers will be there to fill the needs of their patients. More difficult clothing and support items may require more assistance. Compression hose and support braces are often difficult to manage. We are familiar with a variety of tricks and tips to make donning these tricky articles of clothing easier. We can also help seniors and caregivers wade through all of the assistive tools on the market. Some could be beneficial while others are a waste of effort or money.

True Blessings is honored to care for seniors in a dignified manner. We want to help seniors remain in their homes and continue to live a life of quality.

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