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Elder Home Care 

True Blessings LLC is committed to providing elder home care that improves quality of life, increases safety, and makes life easier for the elderly. We offer elder home care in your residence that is tailored to meet individual elder needs. Elder home care covers a wide range of tasks.

Most elder home care addresses one or more Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). Care can be as simple as providing companionship through a visit or by reading a book. Keeping elderly individuals engaged in conversation or playing a game are other examples. Studies indicate positive benefits for those who bring in caregivers to assist with an elder’s care and companionship needs.

At True Blessings LLC, we are dedicated to working with elders to help them age with dignity in their own homes. We provide trustworthy and compassionate care for our seniors. Elder home care allows seniors to retain their independence, safely enjoy life more fully, and improve their overall health. For primary caregivers, elder home care can bring peace of mind and offer respite. Studies show that respite care is necessary for family caregivers to help them retain their passion and patience in caring for their loved ones. In many instances, respite is needed far more than it is used.

According to research, most people want to remain in their homes as they age. Home care helps seniors retain their independence safely in their home. Services that can be provided through home elder care can include light housekeeping chores, laundry, and changing linens. Care is individualized based on each senior’s needs. Other services might include running errands, buying groceries, and preparing meals. Often seniors experience difficulty with daily tasks. They may find it uncomfortable to seek help for these tasks from loved ones. Dressing, grooming, and bathing can be supervised by True Blessings caregivers. Providing elders with the assistance they need for these tasks, removes the embarrassment of relying on a loved one. As elders age, they may become forgetful. Home caregivers can provide medication reminders, organize home spaces to assist memory, and initiate activities that encourage physical and mental exertion. Many seniors want to continue to be active in their communities but lack the means of transportation to get where they need to go. Elder home care can provide transportation services for outside activities, shopping, or doctor’s appointments.

True Blessings LLC will meet with family and primary caregivers to develop a personalized elder home care plan. We want to be sure we are offering the right support for your loved one and for you. True Blessings is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive elder home care in the Amarillo and Canyon area. We aim to ensure that your elderly loved one is allowed to remain in their home and live in comfort with dignity.

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