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In Home Hospice Assistance

True Blessings LLC is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your loved one in any circumstance. When the time comes for hospice services, True Blessings offers holistic care for not only their ill patient, but also for caregivers, family and friends. Hospice is not a place, but a care philosophy that can be provided wherever your loved one calls home.

Hospice care is designed to provide a comfortable and compassionate environment during end-of-life care, allowing patients to live the final days of their life as richly as possible. True Blessings LLC works hand and hand with the hospice agency of your choice. The hospice medical team will assess your loved one and their needs and will set up your home so True Blessings is able to come in to help care for your loved one during this end of life journey. The preferences of each patient are incorporated into individual care plans which provide optimal comfort. 

The staff at True Blessings understands how stressful life after a terminal diagnosis can be. Depression and anxiety are common. True Blessings caregivers are skilled employees that are attentive to the signs of social and emotional distress. Being able to understand the end-of-life process, True Blessings Staff will do their best to help incorporate family, friends and loved ones into the daily routine to help lift your loved one’s spirits and give them time for closure. 

Daily activities become more tiresome and trying as patients enter hospice. True Blessings caregivers offer needed assistance for activities such as eating, toileting, bathing, and dressing. Hospice staff with True Blessings are highly trained. With their assistance, your loved ones can continue to perform their daily activities in comfort, security, and dignity. True Blessings also helps you and your loved one understand the changing dietary needs that accompany the end of life and will provide your loved one with the food that they desire and love, while also keeping in mind their safety and well-being. 

True Blessings hospice assistance not only focuses on the comfort of the patient, but also with the health and well-being of their primary caregivers, family, and friends. At this time, ensuring our loved one that they have dignity and respect during this end of life journey is extremely important. True Blessings caregivers will come into your loved one’s home to assist them will bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, toileting, transferring, grooming, etc. so when family and friends visit, all they have to do is enjoy their time with their loved one. We want family and friends to be able to spend quality time with their loved one without having the worries of the basic needs of the home. The caregiver as well as the hospice team will provide the added support to family and friends and attempt to ease any fears and anxiety of anyone involved.

No matter what your hospice needs may be, True Blessings LLC has the experienced staff to complete the job. Our staff is dedicated to helping patients maintain their comfort and dignity as their earthly journey nears its end. In-home hospice assistance with True Blessings will bless you and your loved ones in the stressful yet beautiful end-of-life journey. 

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