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Long Term Care Insurance

What is a Long Term Care Insurance policy?

It is an insurance policy that provides the elderly with in-home assistance or care. To qualify the senior must require assistance in which you need help with 2 or 3 daily living activities on a weekly basis.. That is why True Blessings provides Long Term Care Insurance assistance for your loved ones.

What assistance does a Long Term Care Insurance policy cover?

Did you or your senior loved one purchase a Long-Term Care policy already that includes or has a rider for home health assistance in your private home? If so True Blessings is able to provide you with the necessary assistance and this policy may be able to reimburse you for our services. True Blessings will help you understand all the benefits of your Long-Term Care policy if you need assistance. At True Blessings, our Long-Term Care Insurance policy assistance can provide the essential help you need with your activities of daily living (ADL’s).

Some of the activities of daily living (ADL’s) our policy covers include:






EATING (Physically putting food into the mouth- Preparing is not included) and some policies include COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT.

Why ask for True Blessings?

Even though most Long Term Care Insurance policies have a requirement of the applicant requiring assistance with 2 or 3 activities of daily living every week, True Blessings offers all-around home health care services. Plus, you may be able to get a reimbursement for Long Term Care Insurance services depending on your actual insurance coverage.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality assistance with an individual’s activities of daily living. Whenever you feel you need assistance with some of your activities of daily living regularly due to a decline in health or due to an illness or injury, contact your Long Term Care Insurance provider and request to begin a claim. The insurance company will send you the necessary paperwork to initiate a claim.   

Once you receive the paperwork, call True Blessings at (806)731-6266 and we will schedule a meeting to complete our initial assessment. We can help smooth out any challenges you face with your insurance company by asking essential questions you may not know so that we get all the information we need. We will ensure that we get all necessary paperwork completed and submitted as soon as possible.

Do you need any assistance with your Long Term Care Insurance policy?

It is time to benefit from your Long Term Care Insurance policy. You or your loved one has been paying for this protection for a long time as an investment. It is time to reap the benefits through quality in-home assistance services from True Blessings.

True Blessings has professional staff members that can help explain the elimination period and the maximum daily benefit. We will also enumerate all health assistance types that we can provide to keep you safe in your home environment. Our services are quite comprehensive while providing in-home assistance services.

Your loved ones will be in expert and professional hands. If you are worried about the billing needs, True Blessings will complete all billing weekly to your insurance company to relieve you of that added stress. Call True Blessings today for all your in-home Long Term Care Insurance needs.

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