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Personal Assistant

True Blessings LLC is dedicated to providing the right care for each of our clients. From light chores to transportation services, we can do it all. Each situation is different and requires a different level of support. Some of our seniors need only a service or two. Other seniors could benefit from all of our services. That is why we offer the role of personal assistant.

A personal assistant from True Blessings LLC can ensure that the elderly adults they care for get whatever they need. Our personal assistants can help set daily routines for waking, eating, and sleeping. They are available to help sort medications and provide reminders for patients to take them on time. Personal assistants can help prepare or wholly prepare meals. Providing conversation and companionship to help seniors remain engaged and alert. Our caregivers can provide help with light housework in order to maintain a healthy environment for their seniors. When seniors are given the tools to remain in their own homes, they thrive. True Blessings LLC personal assistants give seniors the tools to live at home and remain more independent for longer. As seniors age or decline, their personal assistant will be able to continue to help them. Assistants can provide further help with toileting and dressing as needed. For seniors that like to remain on the go, personal assistants can transport them wherever they need to go. Church, grocery store, pharmacy, or doctor’s appointments are reached safely with the company of an assistant.

At True Blessings LLC, we understand the process of aging and the fear of the unknown that comes along. The services of a personal assistant can help ease not only the minds of aging seniors, but also their families. As we begin working with seniors, we remain flexible and willing to change, add, or even remove services as needed. We believe trust is important, and we want to earn yours. Allow us the opportunity to get started today.

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