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Senior Carepartner

Growing older comes with a wide range of challenges. Patients experience physical decline and cannot perform the same tasks that were so easy when they were younger. Perhaps even more difficult to manage than physical difficulties are the challenges that come with illnesses that affect the brain.


True Blessings LLC provides care for both elderly patients with physical and mental limitations. Our staff is experienced with providing daily hygienic care for seniors. We can assist with dressing, bathing, toileting, and meals. Aging adults often find it difficult to seek assistance for these daily tasks. They are embarrassed that they cannot do things they used to. Even more embarrassing is relying on family members for assistance. Our professional staff can ease that discomfort and provide dignified assistance at the level needed in each case. From tying shoelaces and buttoning shirts to full showers or sponge baths, we can help seniors maintain a life of quality in their own home. Cancer patients, diabetics, or patients with kidney failure often need help bathing. Their declining physical strength may make walking and balancing increasingly hard. It is important to monitor side effects and symptoms to ensure that patients are receiving proper care and treatment. Family members as caregivers often need respite from the stress of caregiving. True Blessings professional staff can offer the security of quality care and the break that full-time caregivers often need.


For patients experience mental illnesses, daily tasks become even more difficult. They can become easily confused. It becomes important to monitor medications and ensure their safety during times of extreme confusion or stress. Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s all affect the ability to reason and make good judgements. Personality and behavior changes can result in anger, aggression, and depression. True Blessings can help by establishing daily routines that include personal hygiene. The professional staff understands the stress associated with caring for the needs of dementia patients. We can offer a break for the regular caregiver while providing the comfort of familiar surroundings. In addition to mental stress, dementia patients also experience physical decline. They may require assistance for toileting and bathing as their illnesses progress. Our staff is trained to help make this transition an easier one. We understand how patients may react in these stressful situations and our goal is to ease their discomfort while providing quality care.

No matter what limitations aging adults face, True Blessings offers professional and dignified care in the comfort of home.

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