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Senior Communication Technology

The digital age offers new and innovative ways for the world to communicate. All of this new tech can be scary and overwhelming, especially for seniors. True Blessings LLC is available to help seniors navigate communication technology and use it to enhance their daily lives.

For seniors that have difficulty communicating with caregivers or loved ones, there are many options in today’s tech tools that can fill that gap. The main goal is to help seniors communicate clearly while helping them maintain their independence and dignity. Implementing and learning how to use these tools often seems less scary with help from True Blessings staff.

Text to speech devices are available to assist with tasks such as emails and text messages. This can help seniors with daily communication needs and keep them in touch with friends and family. Many devices throughout the home can be connected with voice control through an app or smart device. Voice control can increase senior’s independence and assist if there were an emergency. For seniors with speech difficulties, these types of technologies can translate or understand more than the human ear. Easing the stress of communicating while still being able to practice vocalizing can lead to quicker recovery in some cases.  

For seniors with difficulty navigating the clutter of a smartphone, some tablets and e-readers are much easier to manage. The larger screen is often easier to see for many seniors struggling with impaired vision. In addition to providing a means of communication, tablets and e-readers can offer photo libraries, games, music, and books read aloud. Many games increase mental stimulation and aid the memory processes in the brain. Apps on a tablet allow face to face communication with family or friends, helping keep seniors connected. 

Senior communication technology includes devices such as call button systems used to call for help in an emergency. Understanding how these devices work can prevent false readings and offer quick assistance after a fall or injury. As hearing becomes an issue for seniors, devices that vibrate can alert them when someone is at the door or when they receive a message. Apps are available that can work with seniors to remind them of medication times and doctor’s appointments. In addition, there are apps that can read to them or serve as a magnifying glass.  

True Blessings LLC works with seniors to set up and manage their communication technology. Our staff works patiently through the process of exploring, implementing, and adjusting technology so it meets the needs of your elderly loved one. At True Blessings, helping seniors remain independent and age with dignity are at the heart of everything we do.  

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