Senior Dementia Care

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Senior Dementia Care

Aging adults suffer from a wide variety of ailments and conditions. One condition that can be particularly challenging is dementia. Dementia is a set of symptoms with many possible causes. The most common explanation is Alzheimer’s. This diagnosis can only be made after a patient dies. In the meantime, seniors need care which varies based on testing and suspected causes.  

True Blessings LLC caregivers have the experience to work with elderly patients whether they are experiencing mild dementia or severe dementia. General symptoms of dementia include impaired memory, difficulty communicating, and a decline in daily living skills. Having caregivers to help seniors remember to take medications and perform everyday tasks in the home can greatly improve their daily lives. In addition, caregivers can engage seniors with conversation and complete daily chores.

True Blessings LLC wants to help you ensure your senior’s safety while allowing them to remain in familiar surroundings. Our experienced staff work to create peaceful environments and cater all the specialized needs that come with Senior Dementia Care. We will work with you to create a peaceful setting free of loud noise, bright lights, and clutter. As elderly adults move through the stages of dementia, they have more difficulty walking, dressing, and completing hygiene routines. Our caregivers understand the progression of dementia. We can help our patients through each phase.

Caregivers can help minimize the stress and worries of seniors with dementia. We can offer gentle reassurance and work to redirect their attention. Our experience and training help us to resist the urge to correct illogical worries expressed by our dementia patients. In addition, True Blessings caregivers offer a daily routine to help offset anxiety. Following a schedule for waking, eating, and sleeping can help ease common sleep issues often associated with dementia.

True Blessings LLC can provide the right level of care for seniors experiencing symptoms of dementia. Helping seniors remain in their homes and age with dignity is our primary goal. Our caregivers are here for you and your loved ones as you navigate the ins and outs of the aging process.

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