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Senior Exercise Assistance

The process of aging causes the body to change in a variety of ways. Bones shrink in size and density. This weakening leads bones to be broken or fractured more easily. Muscles weaken, leading to loss of strength, endurance, and flexibility. Weakened muscles affect coordination, stability, and balance. All of these physical effects can lead to loss of independence or even the ability to live comfortably at home.

Studies show that regular exercise can reduce and delay the physical effects of aging. True Blessings LLC offers a range of assistance for your aging loved one. Running errands, helping with daily chores, and planning or preparing meals are the most common requests as loved ones begin to experience the effects of aging. One service that is often overlooked is senior exercise assistance. The staff at True Blessings LLC is dedicated to helping seniors age gracefully and with dignity. Helping seniors maintain and rebuild their physical strength through exercise is one way our staff can help. 

Exercise helps seniors remain in good health, physically and emotionally. It can also help keep seniors from becoming bored. True Blessings staff can assist seniors with a variety of exercises for strength and mobility. All exercises should be approved by a physician before getting started. For seniors that are just beginning an exercise program, it is best to start small. 

Caregivers from True Blessings will assist seniors with appropriate exercises in their home. First they will encourage your elderly loved one to take regular breaks from sitting. Helping them to get up hourly and walk around slowly are great first steps to increasing mobility. The act of getting out of a chair is an excellent mobility exercise that builds strength. True Blessings staff can supervise this type of exercise to ensure that seniors do not fall. Consistent practice standing from a chair ensures seniors will be able to get in and out of their car, off the toilet, and getting in and out of bed. Each of these daily activities reduce their reliance on others. Stretching and seated exercises help strengthen a senior’s core and increase their leg strength. Caregivers will also help seniors perform a variety of exercises that strengthen their arms and upper body. Exercises that increase balance are also important. The goal is to maintain full body fitness and reduce the weakening effects of aging on the body. 

True Blessings LLC is dedicated to helping seniors maintain their independence through exercise assistance. The benefits of exercise can help prevent some health issues that can result from aging. The staff at True Blessings will work hard with your elderly loved one to keep them moving and healthy. The dignity and independence of senior patients is the heart of True Blessings. 

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