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Senior Housekeeping

As our bodies age, the ability to do everyday activities is challenged. Aging adults first begin to suffer from decreased mobility. As walking, turning, bending, and reaching become more difficult, so does simple housekeeping. True Blessings LLC can provide assistance for seniors by completing some simple chores around the house.

Keeping a home clean and clutter free is important for aging adults. A clean environment reduces the risk of illness. Reducing clutter that accumulates through daily living lessens the likelihood of falls. As we age, simple tasks such as scrubbing floors and bathtubs become more difficult and even dangerous. True Blessings can help seniors complete these simple tasks.

Keeping the kitchen clean is an easy place to start. Cleaning up after meals or before bed can be time consuming and difficult. True Blessings LLC can wipe down counters and do daily dishes. Another area that is important to keep clean is the bathroom. As the aging process progresses, bathroom problems may become more evident. This can be very embarrassing for seniors. Allowing our caregivers to help clean the bathroom can reduce the stress and shame that can occur with accidents. In addition to cleaning the bathroom, changing linens and doing laundry are other chores that our caregivers can do. Clean clothes and bedding are luxuries that everyone deserves. The risk of illness and infection decrease as a result of clean laundry.

The smallest items on the floor can be a hazard for the elderly. Sweeping and vacuuming can help keep pathways in the home clear and free of dangerous debris. Keeping homes dusted reduces allergens in the air, keeping seniors healthier. Many seniors have faithful pets. Limited mobility in seniors could lead to pets missing meals or not getting outside in time. True Blessings can also assist seniors with caring for their pets. When completing chores for seniors, our caregivers continue to use the products already in the home. The familiar scents of a clean home are relaxing and soothing for seniors.

Aging is difficult on its own. Having a clean environment helps seniors remain safe and relaxed in their own homes. True Blessings LLC is committed to providing seniors with the care they need to age gracefully and remain in their own homes. We are available to assist seniors and their families as needed. In some instances, this may be by completing light housekeeping chores. No matter what your needs, True Blessings LLC is here to help.

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