Senior Hygiene Assistance

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Senior Hygiene Assistance

True Blessings LLC provides personal assistance services for seniors. We understand the difficulties and trials associated with aging. We strive to provide dignified care for each client in the comfort of their own home.

As people age, self care becomes increasingly difficult to manage. Daily activities associated with normal life can become dangerous or even be forgotten. Bathing or showering can be particularly dangerous for the elderly. The decreased mobility that occurs with aging increases the risk of falls. That risk doubles on slippery tile and bathroom floors. In addition to the risks of falling, aging bodies and minds allow daily habits to be forgotten.

Aging is hard enough. When the elderly have difficulty bathing properly, it can be very humiliating. True Blessings can help ease the embarrassment caused by aging bodies. Our personal assistants provide dignified and cost effective care in the comfort of home. We guard the privacy of each and every client while providing respectful care.

It is often hard for seniors to accept care offered by family members. It can be awkward and uncomfortable. Providing a personal care assistant offers a sense of dignity. At True Blessings, our assistants can provide whatever level of care is needed.

Bathing and Showering

Bathing and showering are important routines, especially for seniors. Bacteria can build up on the skin allowing a small cut or sore to become quickly and easily infected. Odors can also be associated with the buildup of bacteria and dirt on the skin. Personal care assistants can provide bath or shower assistance for seniors. Bathing not only prevents potential illnesses, but also offers a sense of well-being. A bath can calm the mind and offer a sense of peace. It is important to help elderly patients with their simple hygiene in order to help maintain their mental health.

True Blessings LLC offers assistance with showering and bathing. We also offer sponge bath and bed bath assistance. Regular showers and bathing require assistance not only for cleaning, but also to reduce fall risks. For patients with more restricted mobility, sponge baths may be more appropriate. With a sponge bath, it is imperative to ensure that soap is completely washed away. Soap residue can cause sores and rashes. For patients confined to bed, bed baths are available. Our personal care assistants can ensure proper cleansing and moisturizing of the skin to lessen sores and blood pooling associated with being bedridden.

No matter what hygiene needs are required, True Blessings LLC can help.

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