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Senior Laundry

As the body ages, everyday chores become more difficult. One change seniors may begin to notice is decreased mobility. Difficulty moving makes completing chores and housework harder. One chore that can be particularly difficult is laundry.

Laundry can pose a problem for a variety of reasons. Most seniors do not do laundry every day. They wait until they can make a full load or two. As the dirty laundry accumulates, it can become heavy and hard to carry. Seniors with limited mobility can have difficulty lifting a laundry basket.

Washing machines and dryers can be difficult to access. Typically, utility rooms are smaller. It can be difficult for seniors to maneuver in constricted areas. In some areas, laundry rooms are on a different floor or level of the home. As mobility decreases, climbing stairs can become a challenge, even one or two stairs. This is especially a problem when also trying to carry laundry up or down.

Seniors can have difficulty operating washing machines. It can be difficult for seniors to reach the buttons as their flexibility and mobility decreases. Front load washers and dryers can be just as difficult to access. Bending to load or unload can be an issue. Due to the bending, lifting, and dexterity required, even folding and putting away clean laundry can become a hardship.

True Blessings LLC can help. We can assist seniors with daily tasks like laundry. We want to help aging adults continue living in their own home. We can offer them the joy of clean clothes without the potential safety risks associated with the task. We are available to help with only a part of the laundry process or with it all. Our services are designed to meet the needs of the adults we work with. Minimal support can become more support as the needs of the seniors in our care change. In addition to helping with the laundry, our caregivers will be able to note changes in health as necessary.

True Blessings LLC strives to ensure dignity within the aging process. Safety and comfort are a key piece of the puzzle. We are committed to providing the best care for you and your loved ones.

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