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Senior Meal Prep

As our bodies age, life’s daily routines also begin to change. Aging bodies and minds have needs that can be difficult to manage and meet. True Blessings LLC understands the struggles associated with aging. We can provide care that meets the needs of senior living.

One service provided by True Blessings staff is meal preparation. Meals for seniors provide a variety of challenges. Medical conditions and allergies can result in limited food choices. Medications can cause side effects that reduce feelings of hunger or cause food to be unappetizing. Reduced mobility can make food shopping difficult as well. Seniors that once enjoyed meals with a spouse or family members can be lonely during mealtimes. At True Blessings, we understand the varying needs seniors face.


Our staff understands the value of healthy meals and the pleasure of good company. We offer meal planning and preparation services to seniors in our care. True Blessings can help patients plan meals that meet their dietary needs. We can ensure that meals are nutritional and appetizing. Once meal plans are in place, we can shop with our seniors or for them. After shopping, our caregivers can help prepare meals with fresh ingredients. We can cook all or part of the meal. We are happy to enjoy visiting with our patients during their meal. Finally, True Blessings caregivers can help clean up after the meal to ensure food is safely stored and disposed of.

Life is often centered around meals. Caregivers want to assist each patient with continued high quality and purposeful living. Mealtimes are a key part of a senior’s health, physically and mentally. Knowing that they will have company and good food make meals events to look forward to rather than dread.

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