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Senior Medication Help

Very often, aging adults require a variety of medication in order to manage their health. From drugs used to treat chronic conditions to vitamins used to maintain everyday health, managing medication can be overwhelming. Loved ones may worry that medications are being skipped. It can be very difficult to ensure the correct dosage is being taken at the right time. Caregivers from True Blessings LLC are available to help seniors manage their medications at home.

While our caregivers cannot administer medications, we can provide medication reminders. Elderly adults can forget to take their medication. They may discard or misunderstand medication instructions. When more than one person is living in the home, medications could be taken mistakenly or become mixed up. It is possible that aging adults could forget to refill or even pick up a prescription. When taking an assortment of medication, elderly adults could stop taking a prescription early or entirely.

Taking daily medications per doctor’s orders is vital to maintaining good health. True Blessings LLC caregivers understand the importance of medication compliance. Our caregivers can help elderly adults take the right dose of the right drug at the right time. It becomes even more important for seniors who are trying to manage chronic conditions, Alzheimer’s, or dementia to take their medications correctly. Missed medication can drastically affect their mood and overall well being.

Poor medication management can have some very serious effects on senior’s health. Aging adults are already experiencing problems with their mobility. Missed doses could increase the risk of falls at home. Illnesses could re-occur or worsen leading to hospitalization or re-admission. Diseases and illnesses could progress more quickly. Mobility and mental functions could become further reduced. All of these issues could then lead to increased healthcare costs.

Medication reminders provided by True Blessings LLC caregivers help individuals take their daily medications correctly. This eliminates missed doses, potentially lessening adverse side effects. Taking prescriptions correctly can also reduce allergic reactions and eliminate dangerous drug combinations. Our caregiver reminders can help elderly adults avoid what could be tragic outcomes. With medication reminders from True Blessings caregivers, seniors and their families can have peace of mind. Some ways we can help include, picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy, filling pillboxes, recording times medications are taken, and throwing out expired prescriptions.

Caregivers with True Blessings LLC do not administer medications. We just work with our seniors to provide medication reminders. In this way, we can ensure that medications are taken properly. Our caregivers can help eliminate missed doses and dangerous drug interactions. At True Blessings, we want to work with our seniors to maintain their health while aging gracefully with dignity in their homes.

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