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Senior Mobility

The process of aging takes a toll on your body and mind. Illnesses can cause changes to occur more quickly or to be more severe. As we age, our bodies become less responsive and harder to heal. One of the first changes seniors notice is their decreased ability to move. Aging seniors experience less fluid motion. As they become more aware of their limitations, the elderly can become frustrated or depressed. In addition, decreased mobility can lead to circulation issues and a lack of motivation.

True Blessings LLC wants to assist seniors with their mobility issues. We offer dignified care in your own home. Since we understand the problems you are experiencing, we can provide trusted and personalized care when you need it. It is important to have the ability to remain in your own home and to do the things you love. True Blessings is dedicated to helping you maintain your independence.


At True Blessings, our number one goal is to provide as much motivation as possible when dealing with the loss of mobility. We will work with you and your medical professionals to determine whether mobility issues are temporary and will require changes for a short amount of time. If the issues are more permanent, we will assist you with making lasting changes to your routines.

After determining the level of care you need, True Blessings caregivers will be available to help you. We can be used either part-time or full-time. Our services include assisting seniors with meal preparation, household chores, or hygienic matters. Through it all, True Blessings will ensure the ability to maintain hobbies and interests.


For seniors that already have tools or equipment to assist in increasing their mobility, we will fully utilize what is available. Wheelchairs and power chairs may already be available in the home. We can review and then teach seniors the best ways to safely maneuver using whatever accessibility options are available. Ramps and walkers can make life less stressful when mobility becomes limited.


For seniors that still choose to run errands, attend family events, or be involved in their communities, True Blessings can provide transportation services. Upon arrival, compact chairs and walkers can be utilized to enhance stability in unfamiliar places. Mobility devices that easily fold and fit into vehicles are ideal.


Finally, True Blessings caregivers will interact and be a companion for seniors with decreased mobility. We can focus on helping clients deal with their frustrations and anxiety that result from their mobility issues. In addition, we offer support as seniors may begin to lose their independence. True Blessings LLC provides experienced and trusted caregivers to assist seniors throughout the process of aging. We are available to provide the level of support you need in any situation.

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