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Senior Respite Care

Being a caregiver for aging loved ones can be an overwhelming task. Most people do not work nonstop without the opportunity to take much needed breaks. Caregivers are on call around the clock and rarely have time to themselves. Senior respite care helps relieve the pressures of being a constant caregiver.

You are obviously the most qualified person to care for your loved one, however, the trained staff with True Blessings LLC can provide the senior respite care that will help you continue to be the most effective and best caregiver to your loved one. It is not abnormal to require time away from your care-giving duties. True Blessings staff is available to help when you must be away.

Respite is defined as a rest or break from something. Not only do caregivers get a break, but seniors also have a break from their caregivers. This break can give both parties a better appreciation for each other. In addition, respite care can act to refresh relationships between loved ones.

Senior respite care can take place in the home or out of the home. As families become caretakers for their senior loved ones, normal household routines can be disrupted. In home senior respite care can offer some relief for the entire family. It can also help ease the transitions associated with taking on the role of caretaker. True Blessings LLC can provide short term care in your home. This type of senior respite care usually involves general care and, in some cases, memory or medical care. If respite care is scheduled outside of the home, True Blessings can help with the transitions from location to location, providing a loving and familiar face for your senior loved one.

The loving staff from True Blessings act as a fresh pair of eyes to assist new and experienced caregivers. Families becoming caretakers for their senior loved ones do so without the opportunity for formal training. Respite care allows caregivers the chance to talk with others that have more experience and training in caring for seniors. Not only are caregivers given a break, but they have the opportunity to learn from other caregivers. Even those caretakers that have been caring for their loved ones for a number of years can benefit from a fresh pair of eyes. True Blessings staff may notice schedule changes or medical needs that might have been overlooked simply because of familiarity.

Senior respite care is a chance for both seniors and their caregivers to have time apart. It can be difficult to be dependent on family members for everything. Seniors often experience anger and confusion as they become less mobile and more dependent on family. Having the opportunity for respite care can reduce conflict and renew relationships, keeping families happier and more in sync.

If you are caring for loved ones, True Blessings LLC offers senior respite care that can offer both you and your loved one some relief.

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