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Senior Transportation

Along with aging comes a long list of things that seniors can no longer do or struggle with. Decreased mobility makes common house chores a challenge. Troubles with memory makes taking daily medications correctly and on time difficult. Aging adults must also deal with diminished physical abilities. Weakening muscles, slower response times, and diminished eyesight are just a few symptoms of the aging process. All of these troubles often lead to driving restrictions and eventually the loss of driving ability.

True Blessings LLC understands the limitations aging can place on seniors. Being unable to drive causes seniors to become isolated from society. They can become lonely and depressed. The ability to go out in the world works to keep seniors lively and reduces mental decline. True Blessings caregivers can help.

For seniors with the desire to remain active in their community, our caregivers can provide transportation to and from events. We can help seniors make their weekly visit to the grocery store, providing companionship while shopping. Transportation to and from church and group meetings is another option. For seniors with frequent medical needs, True Blessings can offer transportation to and from doctor’s visits. Whatever need the seniors have, we have caregivers trained to help.

In addition to simple transportation needs, aging adults need regular contact with others. As True Blessings caregivers work to transport seniors, they also have the opportunity to interact with these aging adults. This regular contact can be an informal assessment of the senior’s overall health. Our services move beyond just transportation. We want to ensure senior health and safety. True Blessings works to allow seniors the opportunity to age with dignity in their own home.

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